Close up view of giant pie with Canadian bacon, sausage, pepperoni, onion, black olive, mushroom and tomato. The other side is cheese only.

Your pizza is made fresh with hand tossed dough using the fresh ingredients you request.  These toppings are giant and fresh for the biggest flavor. The pizza is baked on the oven floor for a true New York style crispness. Choose veggie, meats, extra cheese or sauce! 

Giant Slice Cheese $2.78 + tax . Additional toppings .50 or "The Works" $5.99 + tax

16"   Cheese   $12.99 + tax with 1 topping. Additional toppings $1.00    (feeds up to 4 people...)

20"   Cheese   $17.99 + tax with 1 topping.  Additional toppings $1.00   (feeds up to 6 people...)

28"   Cheese   $24.99 + tax with 1 topping.  Additional toppings $2.00   (feeds up to12 people...)

Choose Your Toppings:

Extra Cheese     Canadian Bacon     Sausage     Black Olives     Bell Peppers     Meatballs

Pepperoni     Hamburger     Red Onion     Fresh Mushrooms     Jalapeno     Sliced Tomato     Pineapple

Feta Cheese     Garlic Chicken     Sliced Pepperoncini     American Bacon

Our cheese is fresh mozzarella, we hand slice the tomatoes, the green peppers and mushrooms will make your eyeballs pop out!

Carryout Only Call  (858) 679-0800 Carryout Only

Located at the corner of Twin Peaks and Espola Road

And we have the BEST Veggie Pizza! 

And as it always happens, the GIANT 28 inch pizza crowds the corners of this 30 inch box. The toppings go all the way to the ends of the pizza. In the New York Style the edges of the dough are trimmed to the ends of the pizza toppings. 


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